Wedding Business Consulting, Mentoring & Coaching

I can't seem to get enough...

Web traffic


Sales calls

The leads that I do get are...

Low budget

High expectations

Poor communicators

Always ghosting

If I do book a client they...

Are hard to satisfy

Don't value my expertise

Make me jump through hoops

Threaten to leave bad reviews

Does This Sound Like Your Business?

Most Creatives Encounter These Issues In Their Business!

But it doesn't have to be this way!









Each of these pillars hold up a successful service business. Most businesses are deficient in multiple categories. Understanding what you can control and improve, versus what you should delegate is how your business will grow at scale. I will help you become a better business owner by building these pillars.


And why you should listen...

Mike Gentile has a bachelor's degree in business management with a focus in organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire university and is working on finishing his MBA.

Since 2004, Mike has worked in various operations management roles in the service industry, providing him valuable real-world experience on how to set-up, run, and grow a service based business.

Currently, Mike has a full-time job in outside sales where he recently received salesperson of the year for 2022 after selling $27MM on an $18.4MM quota.

Aside from his day job, Mike owns and operates three successful and rapidly growing businesses in New Hampshire.

LiFi Media Production, a video production company focused on corporate video, TV commercials, and music videos.

Humblebee Wedding Films, a spin-off of LiFi Media focused primarily on wedding videography.

HeartBeep Marketing NH, a marketing and advertising firm to compliment the video business.

After only 3 wedding seasons, our wedding film brand, Humblebee Wedding Films, exceeded $100,000 in gross sales with a greater than 50% pretax profit. Prior to 2024, we already had 12 weddings booked for approximately $60,000 in revenue. Our average booking price is $5K to $6K and our largest wedding film to date cost $10.5K.

But here is the kicker, this is our side hustle!

Click below to schedule a meeting and we will help you implement the successful practices that got us to where we are today!

Meta Advertising For Long Island Based Wedding Videographer

This wedding filmmaker has seen an enormous uptick in bookings

Advertising Results from January 2024

  • $24,000 in booked weddings

  • $9,000 collected in deposits

  • $1,138.29 in ad spend

  • Over 2,000% ROI (20x ROAS)

Mentorship & Coaching Packages

My goal is to help your business reach the same level (or greater) success than my existing businesses. My expertise in business operations, marketing, sales, and strategy will help take your business to the next level. My promise to you is that I will not provide services to your competitors in the same market while under contract.

Hourly Consultation

$250 per hour

1-on-1 meeting to address most actionable issues.

Monthly Mentorship

$750/month | $8,400/year

1-on-1 meeting each month.

Weekly email check-ins.

FREE Marketing Audit.

Full Access Coaching

$1,500/month | ($16k/year)

1-on-1 meetings up to 2 times per month.

Weekly email check-ins.

Unlimited text & email message questions.

FREE Marketing Audit.

FREE Website Speed Audit.

25% Off High Speed Website Hosting.

25% Off Inbound Marketing Software.

50% Off SEO/SEM Software.
Access to download my Sales Funnel.


$3,000/month | ($25k/year)

1-on-1 meetings up to 2 times per month.

Unlimited text & email message questions.

FREE Marketing Audit.

FREE Website Speed Audit.

50% Off High Speed Website Hosting.

50% Off Inbound Marketing Software.

75% Off SEO/SEM Software.

Access to download my Sales Funnel.

Development and Management of Advertising Campaign.

Integration with existing CRM systems.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Briana Valentino of Morii Media Wedding Films (NY/PA/NJ)

I spent years trying to do for myself what Mike has been able to do for me in 3 months. To say I appreciate him is an understatement. Over 150+ leads and has increased my social media following as well. Stop trying to market yourself. Just hire Mike and trust the process.